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Reunited after 15 years! — Four friends from the North Rhine-Westphalia, who grew up together, find each other again and discover a common passion.


A slow fashion streetwear brand that wants to inspire people to live a sustainable and conscious lifestyle.
Ask yourself: What covers your skin?

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As children we saw each other almost every day. We played video games together or - as it was done at that time - played outside, no matter without any worries. With the time our ways separated.

Almost 15 years later, we met again. We raved about our childhood, talked about today and philosophized about tomorrow. It was almost like before but something had changed. We realized that the world is not as green as it seemed to us as children. Haven't you noticed that too?

Sustainability is now everywhere, but mostly just a marketing tool. This thought stayed in our minds even after the meeting. That was the starting signal that turned our thoughts into a task.

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From the virtual world of computer science to a better reality.


Keeps the vision in focus even when sprinting.


Makes even dirty work look beautiful.


Doesn't just keep the streets clean anymore.

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Sustainability is our top priority, but let's face it, sustainable companies are like plastic in the sea these days. It has to be more than a trend! We want to be actively involved in projects that make our world the way we used to imagine it. We even go one step further and want to spread this thinking. Mindfulness, a conscious lifestyle and "Slow Movement" must be lived - every day.

The challenge now is to share this thinking with the world. So let's start with you, so you can pass it on too. Because sometimes all it takes is a little message on a shirt.

So that's how we got into the world of fashion and we realized that this world in particular has some catching up to do when it comes to sustainability. Did you know that the fashion industry alone produces more CO2 than shipping and aviation combined? Very few people ask themselves where the shirt they are wearing comes from. Who has ever held it in their hands and processed it? Are there perhaps even pollutants in the fabric? Exactly with these considerations we started and found our name.

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Sustainability is the minimum that fashion should entail. So it's best to pay attention to what and where you buy something. After all, demand determines the market!

More about Slow Fashion
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Plastic Fishing

Do something good too! We enable safe collection and recycling of plastic waste from the oceans around the world. In addition, we promote a clean environment and the creation of sustainable jobs in the global south.

Make a better World
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